Ms. Crawford, High School Science Teacher

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Ms. Angelita Crawford began working for Lake Region Conference in January 1990 as an elementary teacher at the Fairhaven SDA School in Flint, 6 months after receiving my Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan-Flint. Then she received a call from the Superintendent of the Chicago SDA schools who asked her if would like to work as the science teacher for Chicago SDA Academy (formerly Shiloh SDA Academy). Ms. Crawford was the academy Science Teacher for 2 years and then moved to the Sharon SDA Jr. Academy, where she worked for 1 year, teaching first through tenth grade Science. She worked for a year at Capitol City SDA School after leaving Sharon SDA Jr Academy as their science and P.E. instructor. After serving in these capacities, she accepted a call to work at Peterson-Warren Academy in 1995 where Ms. Crawford taught a self-contained fifth grade classroom. In the Fall of 1997, she was promoted to academy co-Science teacher as well as elementary teacher. The following year she became the full time academy Science teacher and "God has bestowed His blessings upon me ever since."